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January 3rd, 2013

...and then the bumper fell off.

So, I'm all moved in to the room in Burke, which is even more comfy now that I've put a foam mattress pad and a memory foam mattress pad on top of what I was too tired these last few days to realize was a box spring. Yes, I had to go over to the storage locker and pick up a floor lamp and the desk lamp, but it's all good. About the only things I really need to do are pick a day to do laundry, get a key to the front door, and wait for my coffee cone to show up at the PO box so I can start having coffee again in the morning.

I went downtown yesterday to get a new face mask for my CPAP machine, but arrived too late. (I'll go back Friday after therapy.) On the way out of town, I went over a speed bump on W Street and heard a horrible grinding noise, so I pulled over and hit the emergency flashers. Turned out my bumper had been jarred loose and was now wedged behind the front axle, which was also helpfully pointed out by a passing taxi driver. No big deal; pulled it off, stuck it in the back, and drove on. Murphy was apparently satisfied by my sacrifice and cleared 395 for me to Crystal City, where I met up with Steve, the leaseholder on the apartment I stayed in last month. I handed over the parking sticker for the Buchanan and picked up some mail as well as a bottle of Softsoap antibacterial that I'd forgotten. After that, taco salad at California Tortilla, and the futile search for a coffee filter cone before heading home to split time between An Army at Dawn and the daily bloggage, which I've resumed now that the holiday season (Latin Rite) is over.

Today, I rose late and shambled forth to the VA Medical Center again, this time for the fortnightly leg checkup at the vascular clinic. For a wonder, considering all the stress of this past month and poor dietary choices, the wounds on both legs have become remarkably shallow and the amount of exudate leaking out has noticeably decreased. The resident sent me forth with a Mepilex on the right leg in lieu of an ABD pad, and I high-tailed it out of there with a brief stop at the canteen for a couple of 1-liter Diet Cokes, for it was time for CHIKINS.

After consuming the meal of the day, I headed down the Fairfax County Parkway to the Burke Walmart, where I picked up a couple of mattress pads and a fitted sheet to help cushion the box spring, which brings us back to the beginning...

Currently reading An Army at Dawn in the dead-tree format and Liar's Poker on the Kindle, the latter being a freebie thanks to the Amazon Prime membership I renewed last month.



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    Thank you! I certainly hope the times are less interesting this year, at least on a personal level.
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    Happy birthday, and I hope your next year is less "interesting" than this one!
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    Thank you. I knew I left the comments open for a reason.
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    The position with the election board is temporary, through the end of the election, and working for Block is seasonal as well. I am semi-retired on disability, so employment security is not a major…
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    It seems to me those are governmental jobs you are doing part time. If you can have one of those, you ought to have better employment security.
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