January 2nd, 2013


That was the year that was: 2012

This year sucked worse than any year of my life except 2000; the only good parts of it (for certain values of good) were the not getting sick part and the part where I was approved for disability. Well, okay, there was Anime Detour and spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Taylors. There are probably other bright spots in the past year, if I cared to find them, but right now it's just

Usually I do a month-by-month recap of the year based on LJ posts for each month, but this year that's not going to work so well since for the first part of the year I was mostly too busy to maek post and for the rest of it I was mostly too depressed...basically, I spent the first third of the year in the final campaign of the Drang Nach CPA, which involved taking the Becker exam prep classes two nights and one day a week, retaking Business Law and Intermediate Accounting II, and working one day a week in the tax mines plus a few odd hours now and again to get stuff done for clients. This did not end as well as it could have. To say the least.

I also managed to fail Intermediate Accounting II for the third time, which killed any chance I might have had of going back to school in the fall and finishing my AAS. I gave it the old college try, but eventually I was told not to bother submitting any more appeals, and that was that. Tried to launch a freelance accounting practice, but with the exception of a friend of a friend who wanted help with her estimated taxes, I didn't find any work that way either. In August, after being shown the door at NVCC, it was suggested that I apply for disability, which I did.

In October, a plumbing issue led to Foxchase breaking my lease. Friends pitched in to help me get 99% of my crap packed up and moved (or thrown out) into storage at the beginning of December, and I moved into one bedroom of a luxurious apartment in Crystal City. which I shared with three other guys. That didn't work out well, and so I moved again on New Year's Eve and waited overnight in a Springfield hotel to move into a room of my own on New Year's Day.
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