December 1st, 2012


Moving party success

Well, that went a lot better than I thought it would; we got all the bookcases (except the one from Walmart in the bedroom that collapsed when I tried to move it) out and into storage along with the couch, every single tote in the apartment, and a plethora of boxes. All that's left to pack up is the stuff in the kitchen, which will be going into storage except for the food and a couple of coffee mugs, which will be going with me to the new apartment; there are also a few boxes from under the "dining room table" which were in no shape to be moved and will have to be repacked. The bedroom furniture...well, I will have to talk with management on Monday and see what I need to do to have it hauled away/trashed, because none of that stuff really should have been brought down here, and it all needs to go away. That'll probably happen Friday night or Saturday, along with the move of the desktop, computer desk, and associated peripherals to the apartment.

The remainder of the week will be spent stuffing trash into trash bags, repacking the aforementioned boxes, figuring out what's going to fit in my suitcases and backpack for the move, and similar wild delights. I also have to sort out all the stuff on the desk, post changes of address to various people I do business with, and have the utilities shut off as of the 8th.

For now, though, I am sore and tired, and believe I will go to bed early. Much thanks to my friends who showed up to move boxes & furniture, pack boxes, and/or make their vehicles available to haul stuff out to the storage locker in Newington.