November 5th, 2012


Preparing for election day

Well, the tuna salad and sandwiches are done, the hard-boiled eggs are bagged up, and I found one of the coolers, at least - unfortunately, one of the small ones instead of the big one, but I think it'll be enough to keep the egg salad and sandwiches cool. Not really much else to do. The chief officer called to give me some details about the site, and also let me know that 200 of the precinct's 1000 registered voters have already cast their ballots, so we may be out of there as early as 2030. Booya. There's a freeze warning for tonight and an estimated high of 48 tomorrow, so it's probably going to be a mite chilly in the elementary school gym where the polling place is. I'll manage.

And that's it until tomorrow night. Still reading Sword of the Lady.