August 26th, 2012



Long day yesterday, what with getting up early - well, earlier than I usually do on Saturdays - so I could motor downtown and donate blood at Nationals Park. I got there a bit late for my 0845 appointment, partially because Inova kinda forgot to mention that parking was available for free at the park. ARGH.

This meant that I would up parking down on Half & P Streets SW, over by the U-Haul, and walking five blocks to the donation site. You see, it wasn't actually being held at the team offices (1500 South Capitol Street) but in the Johnson Room up on the second floor of the park - and the entrance was through the center field gates at Half & N Streets SE. ARGH again.

So I got a LOT of walking in before donating my pint to Inova Blood Services (which was good) and after (not so good) because the center field gates were the only exit as well. Ah, well. I have to hand it to Inova, though; they had everything set up and moving along right quickly, even considering the number of people that showed up. I thought I might get relegated to walk-in status, but no; they took my screening form, had me through the testing stage and into the donation couch in less than 20 minutes all told. I didn't even have time to get through more than a dozen pages of Prince of Mercenaries on my Kindle. The tech doing the blood draw was a real pro and managed to stick my vein without digging around despite all the scar tissue I have on my inner right elbow, and before I knew it I was off the couch and into the recovery area. There wasn't much there that was *good* for me, but I managed to stick to things that were less bad, and based on how my weight and BG turned out this morning, I figure I burned off most of the carbs I did ingest walking the six blocks back to the Toaster. Came out with swag: a couple of pocket schedules that I picked up at the park, a commemorative T-shirt that is 2-3 sizes too small for me, and tickets to the September 2 game against the Cards and the September 9 game against the Fish. Both Sunday games; have to remember to eat a hearty lunch before going down to the ballpark.

Then followed a drive out to Reston for gaming at Mark Taylor's; Paul and Ted Hammer showed up, and we played a lot of silly card and dice games such as Tsuro ("This game SUCKS." - yr. humble blogger), Cthulhu Dice, Zombie Dice, Fluxx, and Kittens In A Blender before settling down to Britannia, an old AH game republished by Fantasy Flight Games. It seems more like FFG's other games in its glossy strategic-level treatment of the many and varied invasions/conquests/raids on England since about 40 AD when the Romans under the Emperor Claudius showed up until sometime after the Millenium when William the Conqueror showed up to impose order. The various invading tribes and nations are divided into factions, denoted by color - I had the Yellows, who included the Romans, Romano-Britons, Scots and a couple of other groups who we didn't get far enough along to bring into play. This is closer to the kind of game I like to play without actually qualifying as a wargame; the rules were fairly involved, there was a lot going on, and there weren't too many turns when someone was sitting around without much to do. Good game; maybe we can get started on it earlier next time.

Got home around midnight thanks to VDOT having the outer loop of the Beltway shut down to one lane, which meant I wound up taking 66 east to Route 7 and coming home via Seminary Road.
Slept in, rose to do the FMJRA, and been just futzing around while listening to the Nationals lose to the Phillies. :(
Going to do something about dinner, take care of Rule 5 Sunday, and then catch an early bedtime...despite all the sitting around I did this weekend, I don't think the body bounces back from being a pint low as fast as it used to.