July 22nd, 2012


Food, poverty, and stuff like that

digex unintentionally ignited some bitchiness on Facebook by posting the pic from this article which compares the cost of buying dinner for two adults and two kids at McDonald's to buying raw materials at the grocery store and cooking dinner yourself. It's not really a straight-up comparison, obviously; the home-cooked meals are chicken/roast potatoes/salad and rice/beans, and just as obviously the value of time isn't taken into account. Anyway, some bunhead from Caltech hurfed a lot of blurf about how this just wasn't possible because poor people had to shop at 7-11 because they didn't have access to real supermarkets or some such, which I called bullshit on because I've been poor and been on food stamps. Maybe you have to ride the bus to the other end of town to do your grocery shopping, but you can get to a supermarket and buy the raw materials. Well, this guy got patronizing and said, well, that's a cute anecdote but what about single mom A living in the Gobi Desert Pasadena, and why are you such a hard-hearted hater of the poor? I replied,
I have been poor, and am poor, and your reluctance to accept that really pisses me off. I'm not saying it's easy, because it isn't, but calling me "clueless" for actually having lived in poverty and clawed my way out of it for a while is really insulting. So in conclusion, GFY.

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