July 20th, 2012

dead wombat

This isn't good.

Went down the the VA yesterday so the vascular lab could do an ultrasound of my leg veins; the good news is that the left leg is just fine, but the bad news is the right leg ain't. I suppose I'll find out more about this on August 2d, when I get to head down to Fort Belvoir for my semi-annual (should have been quarterly) diabetes update with Dr. B at 0800 and then turn around and come back up to DC for a 1300 consult with Dr. Laredo, who did my original vein stripping back in 2009.

Yesterday's drive to and from the VA was pretty horrible, and the time in between was no fun either; the a/c has been on the fritz at the VAMC for the past couple of months, so it's very dark inside and they have a lot of mother-huge fans going to keep the temperature down to merely annoying instead of intolerable. Going to dash of a letter to Eric Cantor about this, since my own Congressman is a corrupt, violent drunk; I honestly don't see why they can't bring up a bunch of Seabees or engineers from Belvoir and turn them loose on whatever's not working at the VAMC, or at least turn off the a/c at the bureaucrats' head shed until the medical center gets fixed.

I am back on track with the diet and down to 338.6 as of this morning; this has allowed me to trim back the metformin to four pills a day from five, and surely further dose reductions will follow as the weight decreases.