July 11th, 2012



Went out to the wing joint last night to watch the All-Star Game, and I have to say, it wasn't much of a game. On the other hand, the bar was loud enough that I couldn't hear Jack Buck or Tim McCarver, so that was good. Also, in between the battering of the Junior Circuit pitchers, there was some good baseball being played, and that was also good. Also also, favorite waitress was unexpectedly on duty. :)

I'd been wondering about my favorite grocery chain's offer of free generic diabetes medication, which doesn't appear to have a catch to it. You just go in with your prescription, they hand you a 30-day supply of the meds, and that's it. I'm thinking I should bring this up with Dr. B when I see her in a couple of weeks, since they offer the time-release versions of the drugs I'm on, and besides, it wouldn't add to my slowly accumulating debt to the VA, which consumes a big chunk (some years, all) of my Federal tax refund.

There was a contest at E2 for last chapters of novels, so I threw the last chapter of Blood Red Skies up there to see what people thought. Two of them were very impressed, but I think the formatting problems involved in transferring a Word document to E2's format threw some people off until I could get it fixed. It didn't do nearly as well as this little tale, which was intended to be a joke. Meh. Another reason to practice XP stoicism, as the saying goes.

And everything else is moving forward slowly. I'm supposed to get some suggestions on my business plan from digex tonight, which will be good since the month is almost half over and I badly want to be out trying to find clients. The e-mail I sent to the college's financial aid office bounced, so I guess I'll have to go in and see them in the flesh.

At least the heat wave has broken; yesterday's rain seems to have finally cooled off the heat dome and today the high temperature is in the 80s, low enough to leave the windows open for the first time in a couple of weeks. The power outage excepted, of course.

From A Distance

A very good friend of mine made me an offer I almost couldn't refuse with regard to Convergence this year, but the cash flow situation made it impossible for me to accept that offer, and so I find myself reading various LJ posts and Facebook entries to get a feel for a convention I probably won't be going back to ever.
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