July 7th, 2012


A Flight Of Dwarfs

Sixteen chapters of foreplay, and I didn't get off.

No, seriously, this was supposed to be a steampunk fantasy spy novel, but there was no there there. Yes, the protagonist and his posse of airship-driving dwarves do what they were supposed to be doing, but there was a lot of time wasted on the main character's airsickness, a romance subplot, and half a dozen other loose ends that made me wonder if there had been more background and other exposition that had been chopped off or deliberately left for the sequel. Lots of pointless jibberjabber about interservice rivalry, bad tradecraft by the annoying protagonist (who, by the way, successfully confused me as to whether he was an actual intelligence operative or just some clerk tasked to go run a simple mission because he was handy) and other annoyances made me grateful that I'd just borrowed this and not actually paid real money for it.

The cover illustration was okay, at least.

A Flight of Dwarfs is, obviously, available for the Kindle.
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