July 1st, 2012


Exile On Duke Street (Day 3)

Slept through most of today after getting up at 0500- bandages were itching, so I changed them by the light of my wee LED lantern, and by the time I was done with that I was too awake to go back to sleep. Got dressed and went up to the McDs I'd used for most of my blogging while the home internet was off this past fall, but their wifi was out, so I went back to the McDonald's by the police HQ, which was open and whose wifi was up.

Got Rule 5 Sunday taken care of, did some noodling around on Facebook, and then went home to find that the power was still out. Shut all the windows, set the spare pair of support stockings to soak in the sink, and laid down for a nap...which lasted all day and into the early evening. Bagged up garbage, threw it out...and here I am back at the McDonald's, doing surveys, charging the phone, and enjoying the availability of air conditioning and wall current.

McDonald's is doing a great job providing an oasis for people like me who are trying to get out of the heat, get some food, and recharge their phones - the last being more than usually important since so many people have gotten rid of their conventional landline phones in favor of cell phones. Unfortunately, along with smartphones' increased computing abilities and video capabilities comes a shorter battery life, so...you either cruise around all day in the car, or find someplace where they're willing to let you plug in. So I daresay I won't be too patient with people slagging the Golden Arches from here on out. They're public benefactors, they are.

Also, this is going to make Romney a lot of friends and Obama a lot of enemies. Not just in Virginia and Ohio, either. (h/t Instapundit)

Tomorrow's going to be interesting. A lot of folks around Washington and Baltimore still don't have any power, and a lot of businesses likewise. I'll be very interested to see how it all works out.