April 25th, 2012

Boss Coffee

A is for Anticlimactic April

So I spent a good part of the weekend and Monday stressing over the end-of-semester crunch, but in the end I put the pedal to the metal and managed to get all the backlogged business law stuff done, along with the necessary studying for last night's unit exam in Intermediate Accounting II, following which I came home and started going over the horrible details of pensions, bonds, and leases so that I wouldn't completely screw the pooch this afternoon when I went in for the Financial portion of the CPA exam.

Well, apparently it was the right thing to do, since both exams, last night and this afternoon, seemed ridiculously easy. I had wasted some time yesterday afternoon boning up on the Statement of Cash Flows, which I thought was going to be on the unit test (but wasn't). Even that worked out, because there were a couple of questions on the CPA exam that I was able to slam-dunk thanks to doing that review. Maybe I'm thoroughly delusional, but I have gone from an attitude of grim determination to joyful optimism. We'll see if the rest of the tests are this easy when the results come back from the Board of Accountancy in three or four weeks. .

So tomorrow is the comprehensive final in Intermediate Accounting. This is a change from the schedule; it was originally scheduled for May 2, but that's when I'm doing Regulation, so since the Testing Center is closing early I get to go into the STAB office and take it tomorrow before class. Weehu. The weekend will be spent immersed in Auditing and Business, not so much in Regulation since half the latter is taxes and the other half is business law, and as you recall I've been doing a lot of both this semester on top of the review classes.

I'm picking the really good bits out of A Meeting At Corvallis and Dies The Fire and using Quartered Safe Out Here as a bedtime book.