April 15th, 2012


Easter Sunday in the tax mines

Going to be spending at least a couple of hours in there this afternoon dealing with a client, catching up on the filing I couldn't do Friday, and wrapping up my last dropoff.
I may or may not be spending time in there tomorrow; we'll see how that goes...there are customers on hold who need to come in and do stuff, and I think if they haven't by 5 PM
tomorrow I'm just going to ask the manager to cancel their returns out of the system, after which they can come in Tuesday and get their documents. Or not.

Spent yesterday doing laundry, hanging out on Facebook, and otherwise doing nothing constructive.

Finished The Complete Hammer's Slammers and Schlock Mercenary: Emperor Pius Dei and am now almost done rereading Alexis Gilliland's The Pirates Of Rosinante , which I see is now out in a Kindle edition along with the rest of the trilogy.

And now it's time to clean up and head down the hill to the tax mines.