February 13th, 2012


CPAC 2012 and everything after

Did my stint in the tax mines Friday, and it was Good. At this rate, I may actually score some commission at the end of the tax season.

Woke up Saturday morning to find that my DSL modem had died the real death, so I packed up Netzilla, drank my breakfast, and headed down to the Van Dorn Street Metro station for the long ride up to the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Towers, or whatever they're calling the Sheraton Park this week. The Occupods and other rent-a-mob types were absent, though there were half a dozen bedraggled sorts between the Metro exit and the bank, holding signs I didn't bother to examine.
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Speaking of drill and studying, I should quit the McD's and its free wireless and head home. I have a business law test tomorrow, and I think the best way to prepare for it is to go home and work on the later chapters of the Becker Regulatory class. :)