February 9th, 2012


It's sort of a break.

Well...the last session of the Becker Financial review class was Monday, and so I have a month off from that and Regulatory (which wrapped up Saturday) to get caught up on the three weeks I was without books and software. This will also help me with my spring semester classes in business law and intermediate accounting, so I'm happy with that. Also happy that I'm getting compensated for the lateness of books and software with a free Final Review course; not so happy that it's this Sunday.

Not reading anything new, and lack of funds is keeping me from blowing all kinds of money on music. Fortunately, Aaron Static posted a bunch of tracks on Facebook. Some of them are good, some are awful, and in a couple of weeks I'll know for sure which is which and cull accordingly.

Going to CPAC Saturday; I'd go today and tomorrow, since as a blogger I get in for nothing, but I have class today and work tomorrow, and would prefer not to get caught in any rioting. Well, there's always next year.