January 24th, 2012


at long last, books

Yeah, my Becker study guides and software finally showed up last night after I'd already left for the F5 class. Going to be spending the rest of this week installing the software, transferring notes to texts, making flash cards, and giving the highlighter a good workout as I try to get caught up on the last three weeks of Financial and Regulatory.

Last week was pretty nightmarish - lots of running back and forth from Alexandria to Woodbridge to Tyson's Corner, not a while lot of sleep, schedule all kittywumpus. Managed to get back into both classes, though. Caught up on most of the sleep over the weekend, and felt okay yesterday, but I think the cheese I had with dinner last night had been in the fridge way too long. Stomach is not happy with me at all. Still, managed to get laundry done and some of the Becker stuff caught up. Going to suck it up and go to Accounting tonight unless I'm actually hurling; after all the effort I made to get back into the class, I damn well better.

Turning in my fourth appeal on the financial aid cutoff this afternoon, supported with a letter from Dr. B at the VA. We'll see if this works; hopefully so, because after this I'm pretty much out of bullets. Both classes are going well; in the case of ACC222, Intermediate Accounting II, I am benefiting from the fact that the subjects being covered in class are also being covered (at more or less the same time) in my Becker Financial classes. Business Law is also going okay; reading the text, turning in the chapter reviews, banging rocks together, etc.

Not much else going on, really.
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