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Dubious. Very dubious.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in...

1. steve earle score: 4

Not bloody likely.

2. robert earl keen score: 4


3. alejandro escovedo score: 3

See #2.

4. acen score: 3

It's too big. This convention is too big. ^^

5. moonchild score: 3

See #1.

6. todd snider score: 3

See #2.

7. jon dee graham score: 3

See #2. Again.

8. anime iowa score: 3

Oh, absolutely! Hell yeah!

9. camui gackt score: 3


10. texas music score: 3

For me, this begins and ends with James McMurtry.

11. fred eaglesmith score: 3

See #2. Again.

12. anime expo score: 3

See #4.

13. marscon score: 3

File under "Things I need to do more often".

14. slobberbone score: 2


15. crossplay score: 2

Like #9, only more so. Eeeuuuuww.

16. dr. demento score: 2

I miss the Doctor...

17. organic gardening score: 2

*laughs* Uh, no.

18. vzones score: 2

See #14.

19. convergence score: 2

Oh, absolutely! Hell yeah! Pretty much the high point of the year.

20. ogata ryuichi score: 2

I'm sure revolutionaryjo is responsible for this. At least partly.

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Gacked from 433. (Natalie Portman? Feh! ^_^)
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