November 20th, 2011


There are 10 kinds of people...

...people who get binary, and people that don't as the joke goes. I'm tempted to speculate that there's something hardwired into the human brain that nudges us to divide things into two groups: mine/yours, his/hers, North/South, Republicans/Democrats, etc.

I ran into an example of that down at Ft. Belvoir Thursday. Since it's an Army hospital, Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital's pharmacy is staffed mostly by military personnel; since it's located in Washington, there's also some Navy personnel back of the counter along with the soldiers. Most of the people they deal with are active duty military or retirees, and my status as a non-retired veteran puzzled them. Both of the pharmacy clerks I dealt with had a hard time getting their heads around the concept that VA patients in general fall between the two stools of active and retired status. It wasn't an unpleasant experience for me, like it would have been twenty years ago when the wounds from being kicked out after Desert Storm were still fresh, but it did reaffirm my resolve to get theses goddamn pounds off and get to a point where I can control the diabetes with just diet and exercise. At that point, I think I might stand a chance of getting into the Guard or Reserve and putting in the last four years of my twenty. A man needs goals, after all.