November 10th, 2011

dead wombat

another Thursday, another test

So, here I am at NOVA's Annandale campus, footsore and tired...

Added to the annoyance of my leg ulcers, I've had an infected toenail that refused to go away on its own; spent part of yesterday going over to Walmart and getting some epsom salts and a basin so I can soak the afflicted foot. This has worked before, and I expect it to work again, but I'm hedging my bets by taking the leftover Bactrim and sending a message to Doc B to ask for more of the same, among other things. Also, getting more sleep as I can grab it.

I'm sufficiently behind on my payments to Cavalier that they finally shut off the DSL on Monday. Paradoxically, this may actually wind up being a good thing for me, since it keeps me from hanging around the apartment surfing the intertubes and not getting anything else done. I'm tempted to just let it ride until the fall semester is over and then paying them to turn it on; in the meantime, I'm leeching off the NOVA wifi network and leaning more toward keeping Netzilla after school is done next spring, unless I want to spend some money on cleaning out Cowzilla so that all of the keys work. We'll see how I feel about it then. For now, the hassle of trying to do my nightly linkagery on it has forced me to port a lot of files and download a lot of software onto Netzilla, so it's not a pure school box any more.

In my peregrinations yesterday I wound up visiting the Woodbridge campus of NoVa, which is a nice little building about halfway between I-95 and US 1, which means it's also halfway between the Interstate and a Wawa. I really should have taken a closer look into it when I was scheduling classes.

After a wretched weekend of misery and excess, I have gotten my weight back down to a little under 351. Got to keep grinding; in some ways, the approach of Thanksgiving and its stupidly cheap turkeys is going to make this a little easier.