October 28th, 2011


Well, that was pretty awful.

Stayed up last night to listen to Game Six of the World Series after accounting class. Good God, what a mess...there was plenty of action, but from the level of skill exhibited by both teams, I could easily have mistaken it for a Prairie League game. There were five errors, twelve walks, a bunch of other boners, misplays and dumb crap in the field as well as on the base paths; several times, the Rangers took the lead, and every time they did, their bullpen coughed a couple of runs up to keep the Cardinals in the game. So annoying.

You can make the argument that playing the game in 53-degree weather didn't help, and I would totally agree, but short of assassinating Bud Selig and reorganizing MLB into four eight-team conferences so that we can get everything done by mid-October instead of dragging things out until Halloween this is what post-season play is going to be like, and there's just no help for it. Well, I suppose MLB could start doing what the NFL does and start holding the World Series at a neutral field, preferably either indoors or with a roof overhead.

Still, on to game seven tonight. Go Rangers!
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