January 20th, 2011


Oh, God. ;_;

Ace of Spades HQ:
Pretty Horrifying: It's a 200+ page read but they're short pages and it reads, yeah, like a horror movie, except it's real, and except that there will in fact be apologists for it.

I didn't dare follow the link. The excerpts were enough to almost make me vomit, which hasn't happened since I saw the napalm scene in We Were Soldiers.

How can anyone possibly defend this? What sane person who has even a gram's worth of love for their fellow man could think this horror needed to continue, year after year? I sincerely wish all of them could be fried slowly to death, from that vile excuse for a doctor all the way up the chain to the lazy scum in the Pennsylvania state government who knew what was going on and didn't lift a finger to stop it, even after a woman died in this charnel house. Shit, I'd pedal the bicycle myself to power the electric chair.

"Safe, legal and rare" my ass. This is straight-up genocide. The only difference is that nobody's flying over the ghettos and barrios and dropping cluster bombs; they're doing it one baby at a time. Probably the best comment on this whole wretched mess, from Oldcat at AOSHQ:

They said we needed to legalize abortion to avoid dingy, dirty back alley operations that would result. Looks like we kept them anyway.

EDIT: Props to polaris93, who beat me to the punch on this.

cleaning out the crumb tray and other overdue acts of love

So today I spent most of the unemployment check and non-sleep time on the Brave Little Toaster; took it to Jiffy Lube and got the oil changed along with the front wipers and air filter, and they threw in the fluid topoffs, window washing, and floor vacuuming as they usually do. Since I'm not a complete bastard, I stopped at the dumpster and emptied out the sizable collection of bottles, cans and miscellaneous trash in the back seat and cargo bay. Holy crap. That took about 45 minutes and filled five kitchen-sized trash bags along with four smaller grocery bags. This ought to do wonders for the gas mileage and make more appropriate room for groceries.

Speaking of which, most of the remainder of my cash was spent on a Costco membership, which may or may not have been wise; I would like to be a little more organized about my food buying/cooking/eating, and buying meat/cheese/dairy product/nuts in bulk at Costco strikes me as one way to do this. We'll see how that works out. I was tempted to go with Sam's Club, but unfortunately those are in the boonies relative to where I live (Woodbridge and Sterling) whereas there are Costco locations much closer. (Pentagon City?!?!) Maybe they'll also have Utz pork rinds, now that Harris Teeter has become erratic about carrying them again.