December 13th, 2010

Comfort Eagle

Toys for Tots

I'm not much on encouraging people to donate to charity. For that matter, even during those rare times in my life when I haven't been scuffling and trying desperately to match up incoming pay with outgoing bills, I haven't done a lot of giving to charity, but there are a couple of exceptions to that. One of them is the Salvation Army, since they helped my struggling family when we were dirt poor in Minneapolis, so I try to throw the odd dollar bill or so in the bell-ringers' kettles come Christmas. The same goes for the Marines and their Toys for Tots program. Which brings me to this video by Max Uriarte, creator of the sardonic webcomic (now featured in the Marine Corps Times, of all things) Terminal Lance. Max has something he wants to say:

NOTE: do not send me money! Go to Terminal Lance and hit the PayPal button!