December 6th, 2010


back to the tax mines for me

Got my offer letter from H&R Block today in the e-mail. It's not too clear on what I'm going to be doing at Foxchase next year, perhaps because I haven't passed the final exam in tax class yet, but it is clear that I'm getting a $0.30/hr raise over last year's hourly wage, and that is Good. No doubt the precise nature and timing of my duties will be determined by el Rey when the office formally opens in January, to say nothing of exactly what I'll be paid as a rookie Tax Associate. Apparently there's some talk about the rookies being on a straight hourly wage until they prove themselves, at which point they go on a lower wage plus commission, but I can wait to find out. Either way, it's all experience, and this is Good as well.

Mailman brought drugs from the VA and the new Sheetz Discover card, which I promptly activated although I probably won't be getting out to the ass-end of Fairfax/Loudoun County or Frederick where the Sheetzes are until...well, who knows. I want to be spending less time on the road and more time trying to wrap up all these classes I'm still way behind in, but we'll see what happens. Today, for example, I needed to get together with digex to settle some bidness, but P invited me to lunch at Malibu in Falls Church and wound up driving me out to Laurel. One thing led to another, pix were taken, music was sampled (but not mixed) and pretty soon it was time for P to go crash. I wound up taking MARC from Laurel to Union Station and Metro to the Pentagon (change at Gallery Place), from which I rode the express bus back to Foxchase, arriving around 1900. Not much studying got done. :(

So...time to get the nightly linkagery done and toddle off to bed, for tomorrow is the tax class and Intermediate Accounting.