November 19th, 2010


One less thing to worry about

Decided to call the Arlington district office instead of trying to find the place, and got an answer about the amount of class I've missed that took some weight off my mind. I need 72 to satisfy the attendance requirements, and between illness & the VA I'm only down to 76, so I'm okay there. All I have to do now is pass the final, which I'm pretty sure I can handle.

Spent the rest of the day digging out my e-mail inboxes, studying, printing coupons, studying, cleaning out the apartment, studying, and working my way down from the horrible 136 BG I woke up with. I still don't understand where that came from, but by the time dinner rolled around I was back down to double digits and stayed there afterward, so that's good. Have to remember that I can't just stuff myself full of food, even if it's all fats & proteins. Ketosis is great, but it doesn't just make mass vanish.

Downloaded emacs tonight, going to port it to Cowzilla before heading over to smitty1e's to work on the blog. Between that and a visit to Mark Taylor's to burn meat and hang out, that's pretty much going to take care of Saturday.

Pretty much decided that I'm going to be a no-show for Detour again in 2011. Considering that I am managing to get by only because of substantial help from friends, it would be rude and boorish to sky off to Minnesota and blow about a grand (between airfare and hotels) when I could and should be spending the money on more important things closer to home - like, say, rent and utilities. I know that's going to be a disappointment to my friends in Minnesota, but the situation is what it is. By 2012, things should be different, and I should be making decent $$$ again so I can afford to pull my own weight and spend excess money on going to conventions again. For now, though, conventions are entertainment for the bourgeoisie, and I don't even qualify for the proletariat at the moment. So it goes.