October 27th, 2010


long, long Wednesday

Finally finished the Granite Ridge project and turned it in today; p. confident I got it right. I'll find out for sure next Tuesday.
Quarterly visit with Dr. B went well, except for my blood pressure being up. I guess that's not too surprising, considering the load I'm carrying. She's happy with the BG readings over the past two months, the vast majority of which of which are under 120, and said not to worry too much about the weight. BG control is the main thing, and if the weight comes off, that's bonus.

Visited therevdrnye in the hospital, where he languishes while the docs try to figure out why his BP is as ridiculously low as it is, considering the amount of water he's retaining. He's in quarantine while they work on that question, so I had to don a mask, gloves & gown in order to visit. Turns out the anthology Melody loaned him is the same one I was reading back in February while immured in the VAMC, so we had a lot to talk about.

Left about 1800 since I was getting a tad hungry; dropped off some books and chatted with the Dunhams until their pizza arrived, and then headed home. I thought about stopping and getting food on the way home, since I hadn't had anything since lunch ~1400, but I was really tired and headachy and decided to just go on home. Imagine my surprise when my evening BG was 107! I checked it a couple more times with different meters, but the numbers were all in the same ballpark. I dunno WTF.

After 38 years, I've decided it's time to forgive the Rangers, There's nobody left on that team or its ownership who was with the team in 1972, and laying down a grudge is a good thing, right? I'm hoping they can whip the Giants for their first ever championship. It's been a long time with a lot of bad years and bad decisions since they left, and this year, they seem to have overcome their history and become crushing. Here's hoping.