October 16th, 2010


weekend stuff

I didn't do a whole lot today; even playing eve was . Never got out of the apartment, so a bunch of stuff that kinda depended on me getting out to various places didn't happen.

Part of this was due to a late night chicken run out to Chantilly, where P gave me my late-arriving birthday present, a fine yellow sign suitable for my living room wall that warns WOMBAT XING. There were also wings, but the sign was the big thing. Going there and back kept me up until all hours of the morning, and so I slept in until about 1000.

I apparently did well on the ACC212 final and got a B for the course. Now I have to buckle down and get some work done on my fall classes, many of which I am horribly behind on. Others I'm merely confused about, but I expect over the next week all will be made clear, as clear as the Operating Code of the Spirit. I do need to spend a little time studying more the H&R Block midterm exam, which is also coming up next week. I am somewhat reassured that when I do the work for real, it won't be on paper.

Tomorrow I'm going to Silver Spring for Mass, and I expect I'll swing by Takoma Park and the Washington Adventist Hospital to see Richard before coming home and hitting the books.

Still not sure how I feel about the Rangers contending with the Yankees for the AL pennant. On the one hand, I hate the Rangers for pulling out in '72, but on the other hand...the Yankees. >:(