October 7th, 2010


*bzzzzzt* "I'm sorry, the correct answer is antifederalist devolution."

Ron Radosh » Kudos to the Claremont Review of Books, Waging the War for Cultural Hegemony:
The late Italian Communist and Marxist intellectual Antonio Gramsci was correct. Before any major social change can take place — such as the revolution he favored — those who seek it have to wage a fight for what he called cultural hegemony, via a war of position in which the intellectual and cultural issues that will decide the nation’s future are adopted by the people who desire a new path.

I want to begin by saying that I respect Ron Radosh one hell of a lot. The man started out as a red-diaper baby and converted to conservatism at a time when doing so was to sign onto what Whitaker Chambers once dolefully described as "the losing side." Certainly the Gramscian memebots who followed the advice of Gramsci and Genovese and spent the last fifty years doing the long march through the institutions of American education and media have done their best to depict conservatives as stupid, religion-fuddled losers who don't understand what's good for them; Thomas Frank's What's The Matter With Kansas? is probably the best-known single example of this kind of thinking, but the same sort of thing goes on 24x365 in our republic.
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