September 26th, 2010


Almost certainly a sample size error

Made it to Mass at Holy Trinity this morning - I was late, but fortunately the Ukrainian Byzantine Mass is about 90 minutes long, so I got there after the readings but before Communion. I must be getting the hang of things, because it only took me about five minutes to find my place in the missal. :V

Quite a to-do today. The parish is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, complete with a re-consecration in November, and this Sunday there was a presentation during the post-Mass brunch (is brunch a standard thing in Eastern Rite churches?) complete with slide show. Fortunately there was a summary in the weekly bulletin's English translation, so I was able to follow along even though I don't think I understood anything in the presentation besides place names, nationalities, and the odd word here and there. Russian - it's not close enough. *sigh* Also got to talk to a couple of people who noticed I was new; they were very friendly and welcoming, and I get the impression (no doubt faulty) that most of the parish is made up of preachers' kids* or "converts" from the Latin Rite like myself.

*Married men are allowed to become Eastern Rite priests , unlike their Latin Rite brethren. (Corrected per tepintzin - thanks!)
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