September 14th, 2010


me feel heavy the crunch

I miss Root Boy Slim.

This has been one long-ass, low-energy day, and I don't rightly know why...well, staying up until 0200 working on the homework for today's tax class probably didn't help. That's going well, at least. A lot of the stuff I learned over the summer in Principles of Federal Taxation is clicking into place, which is nice and makes me feel more confident. Intermediate Accounting, not so much; the first four chapters are all review of what we did in the two fundamentals courses, but to my horror very little of it looks familiar. Maybe tonight was just a bad night; I'd scrambled to get the homework for Chapter 3 done but I was a week early, and hadn't done much of Chapter 2's work, and was having a hard time staying awake to boot. Ugh.

After doing another stack of books pulled from the bedroom dresser, the library (as entered in LibraryThing) is over 400 books, not counting duplicates destined for (another post about that anon) and a small box of books that rather obviously belong to my ex. I'm not even done with the books in the living room yet. O_o
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