September 5th, 2010


Another Sunday (with a different Eastern Rite church)

On the recommendation of Holy Trinity's pastor, I'm trying a different parish today, Epiphany of Our Lord in Annandale. He said that it was Ruthenian, as opposed to Holy Trinity which is Ukrainian, but I'm not sure the difference is really pertinent unless you're an old and bitter Slavic Catholic type, as Wikipedia hints of historical/political hoo-ha relating to the messy history of Poland and Ukraine. Me being a Southern Catholic Black Irish redneck Jew, none of that really matters to me. The big question is whether they do the liturgy in Ukrainian or English or some other language, and whether it's another mega-church like Blessed Sacrament. If it is, then I'm going to commit to the weekly hegira to the other end of the Washington suburbs and continue to hone my miserable Ukrainian skills. If not, well, it still feels a little slothful to only be driving ten miles to Mass.

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Time for me to scarf up some quick breakfast-like foods and head off to Mass.

So close...but not close enough

That's how I feel about Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church (which is really Ruthenian, but let's not go there). It's a very nice bunch of people, a thriving community of Slavic Americans with a lot of stuff going on, and it doesn't feel right to me. I'm impressed that they use a lot of Old Church Slavonic in their liturgy, and the fact that the rest of it is in English certainly makes it easier to follow along, but...I don't think it's the place for me. Bizarre as this may sound, I'd rather drive further to take part in a liturgy I don't completely understand and have trouble following -because my Russian is rusty and Ukrainian's not quite the same anyway- and I can't quite put my finger on why that is. Part of it is the language, of course. I like the challenge of adapting my Russian knowledge to Ukrainian, and it's in a good cause. I also like being part of a smaller parish. Chances are more than good that as I become a regular member of the parish and make a habit of showing up, they'll miss me when I don't, and I think that's something I've been looking for in a parish for quite a while. We'll see how it works.

In the meantime, for those of you who are local, Epiphany of Our Lord is having their 36th Annual Slavic American Festival next Sunday, and I am given to understand that there will be a small mountain of holubki and kielbasa there which can be consumed in air-conditioned comfort for the benefit of one's low-carb diet. I'll be going to Mass at Holy Trinity, but I don't think they'll run out before I get there. :)