August 23rd, 2010


on the threshold of the fall semester

Spent most of the weekend with my sleep cycle pretty badly messed up, to the point where I didn't get to sleep until 0400 Saturday morning and 0600 Sunday morning, which led to sleeping in until noon or later on both days. By Sunday evening I was in a weird state where my brain felt really tired but I wasn't sleepy; thank God for melatonin, which put me to sleep at a decent hour last night so I could wake up at a reasonable hour (0900) this morning after a good night's sleep.

Saturday evening I went up to Hagerstown with the Dunhams for baseball, having taken advantage of a deal which included four seats with four Suns hats and four free meal coupons from Chipotle. It was a good time despite the horrible showing by the Suns, who got blown out 6-1 (and it wasn't even that close, really) and the cheapness of the hats, which were not really Hagerstown Suns hats but just orange & black meshback hats with "SUNS" printed on the front. :( Anyhow, the main point of the trip was fulfilled, which is to say a good time outdoors with friends watching baseball.

Sunday was just kind of wasted...I spent most of the afternoon and evening just poking at different stuff on the Internet, playing Farmville in space, and re-reading Charles Stross' The Jennifer Morgue. There was a fleet op scheduled for Sunday night, but it involved screwing around on one of our allies' Teamspeak servers, and I had no energy for that. Wound up going out for melatonin, pork rinds, and nuts on sale at CVS, taking the melatonin, and going to bed early for once.

This morning began pleasantly as I did breakfast in Vienna with P at the original Amphora, came home by way of the library, and picked up a bunch of stuff , to wit:
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The fall semester starts tonight at NoVa with Small Business Accounting. Didn't manage to wrap up Principles of Accounting II this weekend due to :effort:, but since I'm going to be spending three days a week on campus (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) with Cowzilla I expect to knock it out fairly quickly along with the three new online courses. wifi card permitting. :)

Today's low-carb hilarity

The Low Carb Megathread 2: Shut the f**k up about Ketostix! - The Something Awful Forums:
Sizzlechest posted:
Guys, I have a science question. I heard the bomb dropped over Hiroshima had 60kg of fuel, but it released between 54 and 75 TJ of energy. There's no way 60kg of uranium could have that many calories. Hell, I don't think there's 60kg of ANYTHING that's burned will give 54 TJ of energy. What gives?

Delta-Wye replied:
The manufacturer added HFCS to the uranium - that shit is in everything. The resulting insulin spiked killed over 100000 of the glorious nippon-jin :(

EDIT: I put 60kg of uranium into this bomb calorimeter, and all I got was this smoking ruins of a once bustling city Please halp! :(

*dies laughing*
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