August 14th, 2010


to the valley and back

Spent a lot of time in the saddle today driving the Toaster out to Luray and back, but oddly it's not my butt that's sore but my lower back. I was paying a visit to my friend Mark, who was house-sitting (and of course dog-sitting) while his dad was out of town visiting family on the West Coast, and it was worth the drive; lots of conversation about books & TV and such, and it was Good. Also paid a lot of attention to the boxers in residence, who like all their breed are attention whores par excellance, but because boxers are so lovable you don't mind. Or at least I don't. Viewed the llama herd at a safe distance, as I really don't have any interest in the critters.

That pretty much ate the day. Tomorrow morning I'm going to get up at a normal time, do breakfast, and then drive to the other side of town for Mass with the Ukrainians; after that, another excursion with EW Goons; apparently there are a lot of nEWbees (see what I did there?) eager for the opportunity to ruin somebody's day by messing with their target locks, so we'll put them through their paces tomorrow during the strategic op. We'll see how that goes.
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