August 9th, 2010


moving into the fall semester

Still feeling a little out of it after this weekend's experiment in sleep deprivation & deficit repair, so I didn't really get anything done - except getting Intuit to get their sticky fingers out of my checking account, which they were about to hit up for $78 worth of fees for a service agreement and online storage, neither of which I'm interested in. I might still go out tonight to get some half & half, because frankly, coffee tastes like shit without it.

I'm continuing to plow through a low-carb diet thread on the Something Awful forums. It's full of interesting stuff as well as the inevitable trolling and stupidity. I'm not learning anything new, but it's still interesting.

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I have started parish-shopping again and this past Sunday made a drive practically to Columbia (Maryland, not South Carolina) to attend Mass at Holy Trinity Particular Ukrainian Church. I'll have to post pix after next week, since the church is rather unique, even for an Eastern Rite joint, but for now it feels right to me and I have the feeling that once I've been showing up for a few weeks people will start missing me if I'm not there, since it's a pretty small parish. Also, studying the liturgy will give me something besides accounting to keep my study habits fresh for next semester.