August 6th, 2010


Remember all those health care promises? Yeah. So do we.

Hot Air » ObamaCare: The sum of all fears:
Two years ago, Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit were kind enough to allow us to write here on “The Comprehensive Case Against Barack Obama” —a lengthy analysis pitting candidate Obama’s rhetoric against his actual record, past statements and long-time associations. We felt certain at the time, and still do, that his campaign was at its core a savvy marketing machine designed, in part, to deliberately mislead voters about the candidate’s true beliefs and experience. Revisiting our presentation two years later, we take no joy in saying that the administration has largely vindicated our concerns.

All the President's lies about health care "reform" in one foul-tasting package. Between this and the economy, he's not only going to make people forget about Jimmy Carter, he's going to make them look at Nixon as a model of Presidential rectitude.
the mark

Obligatory shameless capitalism thread for August

Because if you're going to buy things through the Internet, you might as well buy them from Amazon and slip me a few shekels in the process, right?

The big news this week, which I'm actually a little late in getting around to, is the rollout of the new DX, which has both 3G and Wifi, better contrast, and all kinds of bells and whistles. To quote P, "F*ck the iPad."

Or, you can go with the slightly less expensive (as in half the cost) next-generation Kindle. Not so many bells and whistles, a smaller screen, but still has the new e-ink, free 3G, and WiFi.

Least expensive option is the plain vanilla Wi-Fi Kindle. This is probably the one I'm going to roll with when cash flow improves.

What are you going to read on your shiny new Kindle, you ask? May I recommend Charles Stross' The Fuller Memorandum? Or how about Saturn's Children? If you're not in the mood for fiction, there's always Victor Davis Hanson's Carnage and Culture, or perhaps Gary Taube's Good Calories, Bad Calories, which will change your thinking on diets if you're not careful.

Or, if you're not in the mood for books, there's always the Friday sale, Because you might need a Fluidmaster Adjustable Ball Cock. (N.B.: not actually NSFW)