July 31st, 2010

Boss Coffee

Close but no cigar

Cobb talks about the failure of ghetto culture in America and various reflexive Progressive & Conservative responses to it, the latest one being a restatement of the old chestnut (frequently heard with reference to sex ed & condom distribution in schools) "Well, they're just doing what's natural, how dare we shame them for it?"

Because that's what civilization is all about, you idiots. We repress our natural urges so we can get shit done without killing people or beating them into submission. We agree to give up a little of this so we can all have some of that, and we write laws to enforce that agreement, and we send people to jail for breaking those laws. Or we take their money and property, depending on what law we're talking about. I'm frankly appalled that Cobb, who had a fair dose of Catholic schooling early on, missed that connection. I mean, you can come at this from Megan McArdle's occasional discussion of these problems from an economic standpoint, in which she mutters about these behaviors not being a drawback for the rich, who can afford nannies and housekeepers and all that, but at the margins -and I think we can all agree that if you're in the ghetto or the low-rent trailer parks that are the white equivalents, or the barrios, you're living at the margins- they're a ball and chain keeping you mired in poverty. And so on, over and over, until somebody gets a clue and manages to boot strap out of that lifestyle, which is a lot harder than it looks.

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