July 19th, 2010


I've fallen off my sleep cycle.

And I can't get up. No, not really; it's just that things got really messed up over the weekend, dumb things were done, and it's made the last couple of days...painful.
Saturday night I was up until almost 0300, and I can't even remember WTF I was doing. This was really bad, because I needed to be in Herndon at 0900 to meet P for breakfast. I actually managed that...alarm went off at 0730 and I somehow managed not to fall asleep again. Got up, got dressed, got a large coffee from McD's and rolled out. Made it to the Amphora ~0845 and had more coffee. Breakfast was good, conversation was good, and then I drove home...and sat around in a daze for the rest of the day feeling bleh, pretty much. Went to bed around 1830, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Woke up at 0345 this morning, managed to function pretty well without coffee, and got a bunch of stuff done. Unfortunately, the early rise (and delayed breakfast) really messed me up as afternoon rolled around. Pushed myself to stay awake without caffeine, and so now I'm about ready to fall over.