July 11th, 2010


My life with women

Been there, done that, but I didn't get as detailed and I didn't bother with YouTube. Also unlike GVDL, I've only been through one marriage. Still noodling over whether I want to do that again.

My list is here, for what it's worth. Amuse yourselves trying to figure out which songs go with which women, if you like; there haven't been that many.

yo, Sunday...

Slept in, watched the Nationals get clobbered by the Giants, did some homework, filed my unemployment report,succeeded at not stuffing my face while sitting around with my face in the computer. Going to go to bed, maybe watch a movie before nodding out, maybe not.

Tomorrow the Toaster goes across the river for an oil change, maybe some chassis welding (the driver's seat may have come loose again) and I'll probably have the a/c looked at while I'm out & about since it seems to have decided to quit on me. Not that I really need it, mind you; even last week during the insanely hot days I was okay so long as the truck was moving.