July 3rd, 2010


changing directions with the baseball blog

Maybe a month is too early to make a decision like this, just like a month is too early to panic & make roster moves in real or fantasy baseball, but I'm not happy with the (lack of) response Beltway Baseball's been getting. I suspect a big part of it is that I'm a latecomer to the Natosphere, as the local collection of Nationals baseball blogs is called* and there are dozens of local/regional blogs already covering the same ground I am. Also, many of those blogs are already networked, and just as in any other business, it's hard for a latecomer to break in...especially if they really don't have anything new & interesting to add. Which, to be honest, except for my inclusion of the two local Orioles farm clubs and the local Atlantic League team, I really don't.

So I think I'm going to go back to what I knew best when I first started writing about baseball, and that's the independent minor leagues. The Blue Crabs are a 45-minute drive away, the Washington Wild Things of the Frontier League are a day trip away, and I also have a team from the collegiate wood-bat Cal Ripken League in my city. Plus, of course, the internet makes collecting information on the independent minor leagues and their players a lot easier than it used to be. I'll continue posting about road trips to the local parks, of course, but I think the daily Nats linkagery is going to die a quiet and unremarked death. Somebody's already been doing something like it on the Federal Baseball blog anyway, except without the minor league stuff.

I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the Wesley Snipes Ultraviolence Triple Feature; Art of War was pretty good, and so was Blade II - though I was kinda hoping the hot vampire chick would survive. Welp. Going to watch Afro Samurai tonight and Blade Trinity before I leave for Hagerstown tomorrow.

And speaking of baseball, uberphenom Stephen Strasburg got out-pitched by oft-rejected knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, but the Nationals came back against Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez and scored 3 in the bottom of the ninth to win it 6-5. Another Curly W in the book against the Mets. :)

*Not to be confused with the NATOsphere, which would be a group of blogs talking about military & political stuff within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
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