June 26th, 2010


I'm glad I wasn't watching the Nationals/Orioles game...

...because I probably would have broken the TV. The Nationals broke out of their offensive slump against the Orioles last night- and still managed to lose the game 7-6, thanks to four (!) errors. Words fail me. The Astros game I scored in relief for STATS was much better, mainly because the Astros won 7-4. (Have I mentioned my deep, enduring hatred for the Texas Rangers baseball club lately?) Bad umpiring was very much in evidence, unfortunately, but the Astros managed to overcome it with some timely hitting and a generally solid defense. Extra bonus schadenfreude points because they stopped the Rangers' 11-game win streak.

And with that, I am for bed.
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    Sarah Chang/Sandra Rivers - Salut D'amour Op.12
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