June 18th, 2010


a mixed (but mostly positive) Friday

Woke late - around 0900, which is getting to be late for me - and was futzing around online while absorbing coffee when P hit me up on Facebook chat and invited me out to lunch. So I suited up and headed out to Ashburn. We wound up at the Ashburn Buffalo Wing Factory, where it turned out that their wings weren't breaded, so I had some with spicy garlic butter. Yum.

After that, since P is on mids at work, I dropped her off and headed for the Wal-Mart, where I bought some household stuff and allergy medicine, which will hopefully extirpate the sore throat I've had for the last couple of days. Speaking of medical stuff, I got my support stockings from the VA yesterday and tried them on today, but not only were the zippers on the outside of the leg, but they blew out the first time I tried to put them on. Good thing I saved the box. :/

After the shopping I headed down the Fairfax County Parkway, enjoying the day and the metal coming out of the Sportage's speakers, and eventually arrived at the H&R Block District Office on Backlick Road. Here I picked up a copy of my 2009 return (the original seems to have been thrown out accidentally, or maybe just buried around here someplace), got a lead on a possible CSP job starting next month, and a heads-up that they're rearranging the districts so that Foxchase might be shifted to the Arlington district next season. Interesting. We'll see how that works out.

Forgot to stop at the bank, but I can always drop by there in the morning and get a roll of quarters for laundry then. Things are going almost too well. I wonder when the other shoe is going to drop.