June 15th, 2010

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Education and jobs, or the lack thereof

Gee, why will no one hire them? « Don Surber:
The Oregonian newspaper has a sad story: “Oregon college graduates struggle to launch careers in grim job market.”

Strangely enough, the only member of the class of '10 who has a job in his field is the engineer. Or maybe not so strange, RTWT.

Sad girls in the spotlight

I note that Stacy McCain is not so covertly hoping that Perez Hilton winds up in legal hot water over a photoshopped pic of Miley Cyrus exiting a vehicle in a, shall we say, less than ladylike manner. I don't generally pay a lot of attention to celebrity gossip, but when I see something like this hit the news, it makes me feel sad. Probably because I have a daughter myself, and Lord knows I wouldn't want her in the glare of the spotlight like that. As with Britney Spears, the whole sordid mess reminds me of a Jason & The Scorchers song, one that never made it onto their studio albums - the very evocative Too Much Too Young.
Boss Coffee

Feeding cities

Fueling Mexico City: A Grain Revolution:
This is a kilo of tortillas. That’s what one person in a city needed. It’s the same weight, more or less, whatever the grain is—you can go to the historical record, you can research in China, in India, in the Near East, and you will still be talking about 2 lbs of grain-based food for every person in the city every day.

So you can do some calculations. If you’ve got a city of a million, like ancient Rome, you’ve got to get two million pounds of grain into the city every day. It’s the same for all the cities in the world— it’s 2 lbs of grain per person. That’s the power, that’s the energy that drives cities.

This is a pretty cool article on the evolution of food production in Mexico and the way in which mass production of tortillas and wheat breads is transforming Mexican society.

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