June 10th, 2010

Diabeetus Chef

but the beaver was quick, and he grabbed him by the kiwis...

Good short visit to the vascular clinic at the VA today. Dr. Rajiv seems happy with the way the leg wounds are coming along, and in truth so long as I remember to do my time in the pressure cuffs they do gradually improve. So I need to keep that up. Next visit in six months, assuming nothing horrible happens in the meantime.

Blood sugar has been mostly down in the 90s with occasional drops into the 80s, but not for long enough to justify another cutback in the insulin. Everything comes with time and persistence. Speaking of which, weight is down to 383, and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect it to drop under 380 by the time the Fourth of July rolls around. I note that several of my LJ friends are currently dieting; most of them are enjoying success, which I cheer on when I find out about it. I am more convinced than ever that support from friends and family is important, perhaps the most important thing. Without it, it's way too easy to slack off and/or flake out and then not get back on the (diet) horse. Been there, done that.

Library gets

Stopped by the library today and didn't see any baseball books I particularly wanted to read. Didn't have time to walk through the history or biography shelves, though I did stumble across Lipset & Marks' It Didn't Happen Here, about the failure of socialism in America. (Bit premature there, lads.) Also, Michael Flynn's The Wreck of The River of Stars, Bernard Cornwell's Heretic, and also his Agincourt. Looking forward to seeing his version of the Black Prince.
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