June 7th, 2010


I suppose I chose a good introduction

Got the results of the first AC211 ( Fundamentals of Accounting) test back tonight; scored a 91. This made me feel better about showing up an hour early for class and then realizing I'd grabbed the study guide instead of the actual text. Welp. I'd already read chapters 6 & 7, done the assigned homework (and brought it along), so I was in pretty good shape. Wish I'd felt better, though; despite a full night of sleep, I was very tired during the drive out to Annandale and nodded off for a little bit once I got into a parking space. Didn't really wake up until after I'd put down a couple bottles of Lipton's Diet Green Tea (which is like drinking 3.2 horse piss after the glorious experience that is Arizona Diet Green Tea) and even then I wasn't really feeling too alert.

Finally got my former sponsor's character back into GoonfleetWaffe yesterday in time to fit out a covops, go on an afternoon raid led by our Am0k brosefs which resulted in a nice bump to our collective K:D ratio even though everybody died. I would probably have been more useful in an interceptor, since I never got called on to do the sneak & peek thing that covops frigates do so well, but I'm getting my loss reimbursed anyway, so w/e. Had fun, would x up again.

Back in real life, I got my weight down to 382.6 over the weekend, but portion control failures have wanged that good and hard. As of this morning, I'm back up to 385.8 (ugh) but my BG numbers have been pretty good all through this. I just need to stop pigging out on nuts, which for me are kind of like potato chips - I can't eat just one ounce and let it go. Going to have to learn how, though.

On the other hand, my friends who hosted me for a weekend in Ocean City last summer found the sunglasses I lost, so I'll be seeing them (and the sunglasses) tomorrow night at Mango Mike's, a Caribbean joint across Duke Street from Foxchase that I've managed never to visit in the 2.5 years I've been living here.