June 5th, 2010


one down, 26 to go

Took and passed the final exam in ACC261, Principles of Federal Taxation, this afternoon. I passed, and the same goes for the class; didn't do really well, but I didn't fail either. On all three of the tests, I made dumb mistakes that make me grateful for the fact that when I finally start doing taxes (at H&R Block or elsewhere) there's going to be software to help get me through it, because there's just too much to remember - and it changes so much from year to year, thanks to our Congresscritters trying to make things more "fair" or "progressive" or just sneak a tax break in for a favored contributor. The instructor was disappointed with me; he had expected me to do better, given that I've been hanging around a tax shop these last couple of years, and I have to agree with him if not for that exact reason.

Well, as with the CPA exam, nobody cares what score you got as long as you passed, and since this isn't grad school they're not going to throw me out for having a GPA under 3. But I need to do better, if only for my own peace of mind. Hopefully as I progress through ACC211 and 212 (Fundamental Principles of Accounting) more of this will make sense and start becoming second nature.
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