May 28th, 2010


well, that could have gone better

Got a 74.5 on the first of the tax class exams tonight. Damn. Thought I was going to do better, but I obviously thought wrong, and adding to my annoyance is that I missed three questions through pure stupidity - read the questions wrong and therefore gave wrong answer. This put me in a foul mood for the rest of class. I was not consoled by hearing from my classmates that just about everyone had done as badly or worse.

Nothing for it but to study the notes and get properly caffeinated for the last test next week, because after that it'll be all over.

In other news, I had a half-day assignment at T.C. Williams which actually was more like an hour and a half (they do weird things with the lunch schedules in these parts) but whatever; the kids were well-behaved and quiet. Also ran into one of the school secretaries that was there back in '98 when I temped there briefly. She's running sub assignments now and was pleased to see me again; invited me to drop by sometime even if I wasn't subbing, which I may well do. Doesn't hurt to have a clout in the front office.
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