May 18th, 2010


Oh, hey, there's my eye...

Ron Radosh » Claire Berlinski on Soviet Espionage: A Misleading Article Appears in City Journal:
The failure to publish their documents is not an example of the world failing to acknowledge “the monstrous history of Communism,” but of a decision by conscientious editors that these particular documents need more work before anyone can publish them. And in the meantime, those who do want to consult them, have every opportunity to do so. Sometimes there is an easy answer to what on first glance looks like a serious academic and political scandal. If large numbers on the Left ignore the lessons of Communism — that is a situation which many of us have long tried to address — it is not the result of failure to publish either Bukovsky’s or Stroilov’s material in the United States.

This post is a follow-on to this one from last week. You certainly can't question Radosh's credentials in the anti-Communism field; like David Horowitz, he turned against the New Left and their patrons years ago, before neoconservatism became (briefly) fashionable. Unfortunate that Berlinski swung and missed in this case, but at least we all know the information is free.

(Michael Totten @Instapundit)
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On a number of fronts, actually, but I think I'm going to start with the ongoing battle of the bulge, because that's going really well and I'm pretty pumped about that. This morning's weigh-in found me at 388.6 pounds with a BG of 103, both of which are good. Ah, who am I kidding? The weight is AWESOME. Last month at this time I was at 396.6, and now I'm just 3.6 pounds away from the goal for May 30. The BG could be lower, but considering I've cut my daily metformin dose by 20% (down to four 1000mg pills from five; dropped the lunchtime pill) and my insulin dose by over 50% (down to 22 units at nighttime from 24 in the morning and 30 at night) I think I'm doing pretty well. Working on tweaking the diet so that the BG will drop some more and I can knock off some more of the insulin, and I think I'm going to be able to do that a few more times by the end of the month.

So, pretty big wins on the DIABEETUS front. Less important but still good - finally finished installing all the ancillary software needed to be a fully participating member of Goonwaffe, so now I can shit up Jabber and Teamspeak with the worst of them .Well, not so much, really. I mostly use Jabber to IM family and friends, and unlike some Goons who hang out in Teamspeak all the time, I only use it for fleet ops. Unfortunately, my main is on the wrong end of the map for those, and my alt is running missions in Minmatar space trying to replace all the cash lost by flying moderately expensive ships into gatecamps on the way to Curse.

Nationals are still in second (although I see the Fish have caught up with us) and my fantasy team is in fourth, two and a half points behind the best of the robot teams. P, digex, and possibly some other local folks are going to the Nats v. Mets game on Thursday night; it's Camo Cap night, and I for one plan on getting there early enough so that I actually get one.