May 16th, 2010


Balthasar Garzon. you're going down.

Barcepundit (English edition):
VIRTUALLY ALL the coverage of judge Garzón's suspension in the English-language media lacks a basic understanding of recent events at best, or outright distortion at worst (yeah, I know, big surprise), on the nature of the accusation against him, the circumstances that surround it, and Spain's recent history.

As a Falangist, I'm enjoying the spectacle of this showboating bully getting hoist by his own petard. Few people in modern Spain deserve it more. RTWT.


History is important. Studying it and (hopefully) learning from other peoples' horrible mistakes in the past keeps us from repeating those mistakes, and moves us a little further along the road of progress to a happier, healthier, more productive society. That's the theory, anyway. I've made occasional posts about the theory behind the organization of Anime Detour, a subject of interest to me and a half-dozen other people maybe, but fortunately some of those people are running Detour's parent corporation at the moment and are the kind of people who do learn from history.

For this reason, I present the annotated version of the press release sent out in 1997 when the High Resolution Minicon Proposal (hereafter abbreviated HRMP, sod all that typing anyway) was announced to a less than enthusiastic fandom. I came across this press release about six years later, after the effects of implementing the HRMP were clear to everyone who wanted to see - and quite a few folks who didn't want to. I couldn't resist the temptation to make snarky comments (in red) and serious comments (in blue). On re-reading this, I don't feel the need to substantially change any of the comments. Minor edits have been made for grammar and suchlike things.

This was originally going to be printed in an issue of Enur, a fanzine intended to dredge up all manner of Minnesota fannish history and print it in one embarrassingeducational place, but huladavid and I got distracted by illness, shiny objects, cows, and an anime convention and never quite got around to doing it. So, here it is. Enjoy. Or at least learn something.

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The moral of the story is pretty simple. These people fucked up their convention and alienated thousands of people in the process. Don't be like these people.

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EDIT: Note to visitors from Facebook who haven't been here before - anonymous comments are screened and generally not approved if you can't be arsed to sign them. We occasionally get an influx of anonymous cowards here, and I see no point in encouraging them. That having been said, press release text has been edited from black to pink so you can read it more easily in this LJ.


Good night, sweet prince

Heavy metal veteran Ronnie James Dio dies, aged 67 | Reuters:
Ronnie James Dio, the pint-sized heavy metal singer who replaced Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath, died on Sunday, five months after being diagnosed with stomach cancer, his wife said. He was 67.

Well, damn. "Heaven and Hell" is my favorite Black Sabbath album, and I liked Dio's solo work well enough. I'll miss him. (via the Judas Priest feed on Facebook)
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