May 9th, 2010


it's a lot of work doing good these days

Spent the evening at Mark Taylor's place with P, talking about booze and mead and SF and movies and grilling meat. It was a pretty good evening, and I think we're going to do it again pretty soon. It's what happened on the way there that inspired the title to this post.
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I'm back down to 390 this morning, with the BG at 91 despite bedtime yogurt snacking to make the metformin rest easy on my tummy. So far I've lost a touch over three pounds since the beginning of the month, and am on track to hit the target of 385 pounds at the end of May if the trends continue - and I see no reason why they won't. The longer I stay on this high-fat, low-carb diet, the easier it is to stay on it, and then I'm grooving.

Looking ahead to next month when I'll have a little extra money, I'm probably going to replace the CD drive in the Failbox. If I recall correctly, it's a legacy from the old Optiplex, and may even be older than that. In any case, it does a horrible job burning CDs, and I wasted a CD-R yesterday finding that out.

Heading out this afternoon to hang with therevdrnye and get caught up on what he's doing.

UPDATE: Owner of lost cards called. Turns out she and her boyfriend just moved in upstairs, and were enormously relieved that the cards turned up. She came down to pick them up, profuse thanks. My good deed for the decade having been done, I can go back to being a complete bastard until 2019. ;)