May 7th, 2010


waiting for the Phillies game

I have another test game tonight, which I'm looking forward to, hoping I can get it done better than the two I did earlier this week. (F*ck Tony La Russa. Seriously.) It's been a pretty busy day aside from baseball; went out to pick up my textbooks from the Annandale campus for the first half of my introductory Accounting course, then hit Walmart for some things, and finally stopped at the storage locker to take care of that bill for P, who is experiencing some financial fuckery at the moment.

The day got a late start since I was out late last night with P, who had flown in from SFO around midday; we were going to enjoy chikuns at the Buffalo Wing Factory in Reston, but after they completely ignored us for 20 minutes, so we up and left for the Chantilly BWF, where the service didn't completely suck. In fact, it didn't suck at all. They greeted us promptly, seated us immediately, and the waitress came by to take our drink order almost immediately. Complete win. Unfortunately it was the day of their all you could eat wings/fingers/fries special, and I had way too many of their grilled chicken fingers - which are actually split chicken breasts as best I can tell. Weight and BG were up this morning (big surprise) and after drinking a couple tall glasses of ice tea I couldn't sleep, either. Wound up downloading music and the EVE client, (and the drivers for the graphics card today so the client would actually run) so I'll be doing some internet spaceships now and again. Not like I was last summer/fall, since I have other and more important stuff going on, but it'll be good to blow stuff up online again.

I'll be picking up the rest of my books on Monday from the Alexandria campus bookstore, and the financial calculator I ordered from Newegg should also be here early in the week, at which point I'll pretty much be ready for school. Weird to be going back to community college after all these years, but it's the most sensible way to get to where I want to be.

Yesterday was pretty busy, mostly with medical stuff. Got measured for custom support stockings, which will help a lot with the venostasis ulcers that have been plaguing me for about five years now, and the folks at the vascular clinic seem happy with the improvement in my right leg. Booyah. Another four weeks of Mepilex, Kerlix and ace wraps, and this one too should be whipped.