May 5th, 2010


Good night, sweet prince

Longtime Tigers broadcaster Harwell dead at 92 - Yahoo! Sports:
When he signed off following his final game in 2002, Harwell was as eloquent as ever.

“Rather than goodbye, please allow me to say thank you. Thank you for letting me be part of your family. Thank you for taking me with you to that cottage up north, to the beach, the picnic, your work place and your backyard. Thank you for sneaking your transistor under the pillow as you grew up loving the Tigers. Now, I might have been a small part of your life. But you’ve been a very large part of mine. And it’s my privilege and honor to share with you the greatest game of all,” he said.

I never had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Harwell, but I know what Tigers fans are going through. Certain announcers become the voice of the game, if you listen long enough to a team on the radio, and they do become part of your life; for me, Herb Carneal was the voice of the Twins, and it still seems weird to listen to games on the radio and not hear his voice.
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