April 26th, 2010


ugggh, Monday

At the rate I'm going, having an 1800 bedtime is looking increasingly attractive...

Motored up to brian_edminster's place to resurrect the Failbox, bringing an OEM copy of Windows XP Home and a new Western Digital hard drive to replace the dead Samsung. It took us most of the afternoon and part of the evening to remove the old disk drives, install Windows, fix the Internet connection, burn a driver disk so we could do the preceding, and finally install all the security updates along with Firefox. Hauled the box home in the middle of the thunderstorm that lashed Frederick & vicinity good and hard last night, got home at 2330 and proceeded to stay up until 0300 downloading and installing more stuff, to say nothing of reorganizing the document folders and making sure the music files on the Failbox matched what was on the external drive and vice versa. This was dumb, since I had an 0800 doctor's appointment at the Alexandria clinic, but w/e. I got it done.

Got up at 0630 to make sure I got to the appointment on time and install the printer software so I could print my blood sugar & weight spreadsheets for March & April. This done, I wound up at the clinic twenty minutes early but didn't actually have to wait that long. Doctor is very happy with the reduced insulin, lower blood glucose, and lower weight, as am I; going to do blood work tomorrow when I go in to see the mental health caseworker. I'm expecting a nice low A1c number.

Outside, it's overcast and drippy, which makes me even less enthusiastic about stirring forth than I already was.

Five hours to bedtime.

AD 2010

So how'd it go? The general impression I get from various FB posts is that it was a little crazy at times, not always in a good way, but that sounds about par for the course. I'm fishing for comments here, obviously.
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